Larger Than Life Emergency Aid

Dear Friends Shalom,

This is an emergency appeal to help sick children with cancer in active treatments during these challenging and traumatic days in Israel. Larger Than Life is Israel’s leading non-profit organization acting all year to improve the welfare and health of 1,500 children battling cancer and their families.

As you know, these are unusually days of traumatic events and war time. Our dedicated members in Israel immediately reached out and located 70 families of children with active cancer treatments from the kibbutzim and cities near the Gaza border. All those families are now facing an impossible distress, as they were left with no homes or resources, and have to deal with a traumatic emotional difficulty in addition to the challenge of battling with their kid’s cancer treatments.

How can you help?

Help a family with humanitarian aid to cover basic food and living costs. We provide these families that are left with no homes with humanitarian assistance, and financial aid for basic needs.

Help a sick child with medical needs. Many children are treated with medications that are not covered by the National Healthcare Insurance, and in light of the tragic situation the parents need our support to fund it.

Help us provide the children and their families with professional emotional care. We have assembled a large group of professional therapists specialize in trauma with children, with an emphasis on dealing with multiple stress sources, typical for this unusual situation. We anticipate that the need will be for long term emotional treatments for the entire family members.

We need your support to continue providing children and their families with the support system we created.

Larger Than Life Emergency Aid

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    For more information contact us or call at 888.644.4040

    Thank you for your generosity!

    We, at Larger Than Life USA, greatly appreciate your donation.
    Your support helps us to further our mission, to continue providing all the necessary assistance to improve the quality of life for Israeli children with cancer and their families.
    Thank you again.
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