Advisory Database of Pediatric Oncologist

Larger Than Life USA has a list of specialists, a database of oncologists who specialize and treat various types of cancer in hospitals across the U.S. In case you need to consult with a specialist, have a second opinion for your child’s illness, we offer to assist you free of charge. 

Free Translation for Medical Forms

 We offer translation for medical forms from Hebrew to English to aid the families during their transitional period. This is provided free of charge to families who come for treatments with sick children from Israel. We are also available for telephone or personal translation if you need assistance during a doctor visit.

Professional Emotional Support

We offer a free psychological service for children who have difficulty coping with their disease and express anxiety, and for parents who sometimes need professional tools to deal with family issues as a consequence of the disease, or a specific message they want to convey to their children and need professional help.

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