Summer at camp was Larger Than life

Every year, 200 children with cancer and their siblings aged 7-17 attend summer camp with Larger Than Life. The children enjoy a variety of festivities, including extreme sports, trips to the north of Israel, exciting jeep tours, an adventurous water park day, a kayak course, arts and crafts activities, support group sessions, and more.

The Golan family sent Roy (age 7), who is recovering from cancer, and his brother Yonatan (age 13), who suffers from chronic kidney disease, to the Larger Than Life summer camp.

Roy and Yonatan had a blast at the camp, and especially enjoyed the trip to Superland, the live performances, and the water activities. The best part, however, was the upbeat morale that vibrated throughout the camp. It gave the two brothers the boost of energy they needed to overcome the challenges in their lives.

“We felt a little alone for five days, but we knew Roy and and Yonatan were in good hands and were having a blast at camp. When we picked them up at the end of the week, we brought home two happy children, with a huge smile spread across each of their faces, and our boys returned to two well-rested parents. Our entire family felt re-energized and full of hope, which was the best feeling we had had in a while.” — Roy and Yonatan’s parents


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