Emergency Comfort Kit

Brief Description:

To help children and their families cope with a traumatic diagnosis, Larger Than Life provides an “Emergency Comfort Kit” designed to reduce the stress of the harsh reality surrounding a child’s cancer diagnosis.

The Need:

After a tragic cancer diagnosis, children and their families require precise responses to their needs. The results of a Larger Than Life survey, carried out by our staff and volunteers, highlighted a short list of needs to help the children and families better cope with their distressing daily routine.

The Program:

While there’s no way to remove the pain of receiving such a diagnosis, we do our best to make families as comfortable as possible as they process their new challenge.

Larger than Life offers a complimentary “Emergency Comfort Kit” to the families of all children diagnosed with cancer. Designed to ease the transition for newly-diagnosed children and teens with cancer and their families, the kit provides comfort and familiarity to ease the transition to their traumatic lifestyle changes.

The kit includes a large thermal cup for hot and cold drinks, a portable battery charger, a warm blanket, a large towel, games specially selected for various ages, a notebook and pen, and a relevant or popular novel for the parents to read.

Our ability to provide such a necessary resource is thanks to the generosity of people like you. We hope that you’ll join our community in helping to uplift and support Israeli families fighting childhood cancer.

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