Funding Sheba Medical Center’s Pediatric Ward

Brief Description:

Larger Than Life funds the research lab of Sheba Medical Center’s pediatric ward, one of the most innovative cancer research centers in Israel.

The Need:

Every child’s body is different, and while one child may react to a treatment positively, another child with the same condition may not. Creating new treatments that can target the unique malignant tumors of each child requires highly skilled doctors and sufficient funding to sponsor their research.

The Program:

As we work to make families affected by childhood cancer more comfortable, we’re also playing an active role in fighting for their recovery.

Over a decade ago, Larger Than Life funded the establishment of a cancer research lab at the Sheba Medical Center, and has been covering its operational costs ever since. This innovative lab researches children’s malignant tumors with the goal of matching personalized medical treatment to each child, outside of the standard medical protocol.

Additionally, in cases of a relapse of cancer in a child, the research lab identifies the individual’s cancer cells and works to find the specific drug to destroy the cancerous cells in the child.

This research center has helped save countless lives and improve the wellbeing of children with cancer. Our ability to provide this aid is made possible through the generosity of people like you.

We hope that you’ll join our community and help support Israeli families who are fighting for their child’s life.

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