Passover and Sukkot Events

Brief Description:
Every year, Larger Than Life hosts two fun and inclusive community events to celebrate Passover and Sukkot with our organization’s children, families, and volunteers.
The Need:
Many families spend the holiday seasons in and out of the hospital for chemotherapy, procedures, and various other treatments. At a time when most of the community is filled with joy and is preparing for fun holiday events with their friends and family, the families of children with cancer are in a low emotional state, and don’t have much energy or holiday spirit.

These families are in desperate need of a break from the trauma of extended hospital stays and treatments. As they don’t have the time or ability to plan exciting events and activities for their children, it’s important that their community support them with an opportunity to mentally escape the cancer they’re facing.

The Program:
We aim to provide families with a loving and supportive community that is there for them in good times and bad. When the spring holidays of Sukkot and Passover roll around, we’re fully prepared to help them step away from their worries and hardships of living with childhood cancer, and simply enjoy the holiday celebrations.

Larger Than Life holds two annual community events for children with cancer, their families, and our volunteers to celebrate the holidays of Passover and Sukkot.

Those who attend are treated to a variety of fun activities, games, sporting events, artistic or theatrical performances, and more.

These celebrations are a blessing and an escape to families who have spent the past few weeks or months in and out of the hospital, dealing with painful and overwhelming treatments or procedures.

Our ability to support these families and provide them with such an escape from their troubles is made possible through the generosity of people like you.

We hope that you’ll join our community and help support Israeli families who are fighting for their child’s life.

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