Purim Carnival Smiling Train

Brief Description:
Every spring, our families are invited to a joyous Purim celebration held in collaboration with Israel Railways. The passengers enjoy Purim festivities as they are surrounded by positive energy, smiles, and love.

The Need:
While the days leading up to Purim are typically filled with excitement for the upcoming holiday, many Israeli families don’t have the opportunity to feel that sort of enthusiasm.

Rather, they are in and out of the hospital for chemotherapy, procedures, and various other treatments. At a time when most of the community is filled with joy and is preparing for fun holiday events with their friends and family, the families of children with cancer are in a low emotional state, and don’t have much energy or holiday spirit.

These families are in desperate need of a break from the trauma of extended hospital stays and treatments. As they don’t have the time or ability to plan exciting events and activities for their children, it’s important that their community support them with an opportunity to mentally escape the cancer they’re facing.
The Program:
Purim is a day of celebration, when children are able to spend the day outside in creative costumes, enjoying music and parades, and devouring delicious hamantaschen.

We at Larger Than Life do all we can to provide these families with moments to relax and bond as a family unit, and bring them into welcoming environments filled with joy, enthusiasm, and love.

800 children are invited to enjoy a fun-filled day with their family and friends as they celebrate Purim on a special train (in collaboration with Israel railways) with performers, artists, singers, clowns, and a delicious lunch.  The activities last all day long and are for all ages. During this day of celebration, we do our best to create a welcoming environment filled with positive energy, smiles, love, and most importantly, hope.

We are able to provide families with this incredible program thanks to the generosity of people like you. We hope you’ll join our community, and play a role in uplifting Israeli families who are fighting for their child’s life.

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